To be….

Ahhh….I am at work, ughhh, which I really do not like…yet have to say i am so grateful to have a job and income BUT still…hate it.   God has me here and I am learnign and growing for sure.

I am listening to music while I work and the songs have just been making my mind go and words flutter in me. My heart pounds, so even though I can’t get poetic right now for some reason, I had to write. I had to put some words upon a page. Wow…it feels so great. One day I will be doing this for all of a lifetime. Not being a social worker…but a full time writer. I am working harder. I am making time and I know I will get there. I know God wil show me what the next step is…when it is time for the next step. Yes.

10-15-09   3:55 pm


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