It is up to me

So, I just finished reading up for my next writing assignment that I should have turned in weeks ago. I also just read some in the Writer’s Digest I recently subsribed to and ummmm well here it is…..IF I WANT TO BE  A WRITER I MUST WRITE!  It is up to me.  And yes I write on here but not everyday. I also am in a writing school that is for working people and so I know I can turn in my assignments whenever and therefore I do not do them in a timely fashion. In one year I have turned in 4 assigments!  That is ridiculous. I have found it is harder to do the assignments than write my feeling down or write poetry but I must start….it  truly is up to me to be the writer I dream to be. No more excuses. I am seperated and have no children…yes I am the oldest sibling of 8 others and do a lot of family stuff BUT still no more excuses. I know God has given me this gift and desire for a reason but He will not do it for me! So, I am beginning with what He has given me…the writing school and then when He sees me working at it, then He will show me the next step…….

It is up to me.

10-11-09  8:00 pm


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