Friendship – A Delicate Yet Powerful Treasure


Friendships are such a precious thing but I’ve found as we get older, we tend to neglect them. We say we are too busy but really we just don’t make time for the precious people God has placed in our lives. We overlook the peace and joy they can bring is. We overlook the value their friendship brings to our lives.
Today as I prayed, God gently spoke to me about my friends, you know the ones I text when I’m in a bind, having a rough day, or when I need prayer. The ones I want to share exciting news with, the ones I pray so hard for, the ones who make me laugh.
Yes, I overlook them too much.
So as I prayed, God spoke directly to me about how to make time for them, just planning something once a month. I heard Him whisper that it would bring me peace, the peace I had just been reading about in my devotion, Jesus Calling.
“Receive my peace abundantly and thankfully. It is a rare treasure, dazzling in delicate beauty, yet strong enough to withstand all onslaughts.”
Isn’t that a beautiful portrait not just of His peace but the friendships He blesses us with? The rare treasure we so often overlook?
When I think about my friends I see the dazzling yet delicate beauty that are. They are beautiful but delicate because they need to be nurtured. We have to make time for the relationship. We have to reach out and be there for one another, spend time together to nurture this beautiful gift. And when we do this, then they will grow strong. So strong that they can withstand the onslaughts the enemy throws our way. It could be he attacks the friendship, trying to break it down but if its been treasured and nurtured then he can’t destroy it. Or it could be he attacks one person but with having friendship, you have a powerful force of prayer behind you. Because you treasured and nurtured the friendship, they are there now to help you do battle.
I want treasure my friendships, I want His peace washing over me. I don’t want to spend another minute overlooking the beautiful friendships he has blessed me with!


May Peace Be Your Blessing


This is a simple plaque I bought for about $3.00 at Big Lots. I loved it for Christmas but also for the Blessing upon it for a whole year. As I reflect upon the last year, it has not been filled with peace, there have been arguments, heartache, and trials. With our boys missing, kidnapped by their mother, and my other step-son kept from us for 9 months, his mom breaking the court order….it hasn’t been easy. To go from a home filled with laughter, nerf gun fights, legos, chores, stories, and just the sound 3 boys bring, to the silence, was not easy. It was a growing process, one that allowed us to learn a lot about ourselves and to grow closer to God. We had to make the choice to wallow in pity or to live life. We chose to live and in it to grow with God. I can see such a mighty change in our marriage from this time last year and it is great.

So as this year comes to a close, my prayer for my family is of course restoration, all our kids being here. But I also pray for the blessing of peace to enter our home and hearts fully.  I have been praying this verse over myself, “Give me a new heart oh Lord, a new spirit. Take out my stony, stubborn heart and give me a heart of flesh-a heart that is tender and responsive.” (Ezekiel 37:26 NLT)

I feel peace is our choice and if my heart is hardened or stubborn it can not have peace. The events of the last year did a number on my heart and I am finally feeling the peace of God, that “peace that surpasses all understanding” fully filling me.  (Philippians 4:7) I can not wait to see what this new year brings.

I pray that as this new year begins you will have a new heart and that peace will be your blessing the whole year through!


*Here is the photo  and link of our boys,  please feel free to share and keep an eye out. It is believed they are now in Mexico and possibly in the surrounding states.


Facing my Fears to Write


I have had a fear of writing…afraid I won’t make it, a few of not knowing what to write, a fear that people won’t like how I write. A fear that God isn’t really calling me to write.  That is why I put off writing. That is why I procrastinate it…because I’m not sure and fearful.
But the last few days after feeling  this call again so much about writing and facing my fears has came to me, I know I must face my fears because I know God has called me to write, I must be obedient. I want that!

Facing our fears isn’t easy. It requires vulnerability and humility. Even if we approach our fears like Jacob did, sometimes what we fear the most does happen—and maybe worse. One thing remains the same regardless of what happens when we face our fears: God. Who God is never changes. What God can do will never change. Hold that in the face of your fear and face it. –Wendy Pope

Lord, help me face my fears. Help me to stand strong and do what you call me to do. I want to be obedient to you and answer the call you have on my life. I’m grateful that no matter what comes my way you never change! Help me to store your word in my heart! Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.-John 14:27

Who are you yet to be?



Sounds echo from my speaker….words of life to me. They make me feel special  and alive…each one in such a different way. I envision a different part of my future, my past, my present. I envision who I want to truly be. How I want to truly live. I hang onto the fact that I can be who I chose daily….some days its a poofy skirt over my jeans, others hippy pants and a flower in my hair, and then some fancy. But with most songs I hear. With most visions of myself…I see an “earthy” girl. A girl in laid back earthy clothes, with a square foot garden, a pregnant belly and a pen and page. I envision the sun, food cooking in my crockpot, fresh fruits and veggies, laughs, smiles, finger painting with the kids, tents, forts, sitting in the sun with my doggies. I envision helping others, taking someone a meal. I envision life, a breeze, music, peace. Maybe it sounds simple to some. Maybe it sounds “old school,” but to me it sounds blissful. It feels like me and who I am to be. My prayer is asking God to help me follow His path to have the vision I truly feel he gave me. To let go of what the world says I need and embrace the simple gifts from God, that are truly the big gifts.

Don’t get me wrong…I love the city. I love traveling. I love going to theme parks and I still want those but I want to be the me I am meant to be more than anything. Sometimes we pursue what we think we should. What we think is the right thing, when all we need is right in front of us. Right at our finger tips. It is what I call the “beauty in the infamous void.” It is what is inside of each of us in that well known void…the truth hidden..the beauty.

So I ask you to look at you. To just sit and be. To pray and see what God is showing you.Are you the person you are meant to be? Are you living the dream God has given you or are you living the dreams of others or what you think is right. Listen to the wind or turn on a song…for me its The Lumineers, Mumford and Sons, Imagine Dragons, Phillip Phillips,needtobreathe, etc. etc. etc. Find what speaks to you. It changes over time, as we grow, as God changes us, gives us His new path. What spoke to me at 16 and changed my life…saved me…isn’t what speaks to me now. Find what speaks to you…what God uses to get to you and listen to Him. What is right in front of you?

Next answer the question above from Mary Oliver…”…..what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

Now…..let’s take the steps together to be who God created each of us to be and change the world!


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Strength in Words…Strength in my Christ

Words urge to break free. All morning I have wanted to words upon a page and yet have been too busy. But should I be too busy to take a few moments to free myself upon a page?–To connect with myself, the real me, my God, My Savior, My heart and my soul?

I think I should instead write and write and write. Especially when so much in my world is a mess. When my husband’s ex keeps on sabotaging our relationship with his son….lying, hurting our character, getting us in possible trouble…me with a jury trial in a few short weeks. It breaks my heart and makes me angry. Why? Why does someone have to be so vindictive and mean? I am praying daily for guidance and direction, for the truth to win out. I am so blessed to know my God and to know He is there through it all. he is guiding me, supporting me and allowing it for a reason. I pray for the charges to be at rest, with a jury who will see the truth. I pray that the truth wins out. I pray she will be told to stop hurting her son in the way she is.

I breathe in peace and out all the anger, hurt, and resentment. I breathe in joy. I breathe in love. My God, My Christ, My Friend. With him I stand, waiting for the next step. Waiting for His word and guidance. Waiting…patiently.

He will allows be with me, love me and never forsake me.

I can do this, I am strong in Christ and can rise above the waves crashing all around me.


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Solitude in Christ

Uponmyheart’s Weblog


I sit here this am, and I look out my window and see the snow upon the ground with a bluish light cast across it. It is so beautiful. There is a stillness, a peace, such solitude. The wind gently blows and rustles the leaves that barley hang upon the trees. It simply describes how I feel this cold morning. I feel that solitude and that peace. I feel the rustling of the Spirit speaking gently to me. In this stillness I able to grow with my God, my king.

The Words must be freed

The words abound. Pulling free from the depths of me. They are my life, my breath, my soul. They are me, finally set free. I hear the notes float upon the air, my air beats and then it is like the life is given to the words. They begin to float and be. I can then set them free. A life alive in me. A life of words and truths. I feel alive and free, I feel happy and at peace when the words are free to be in me. This is where I need to be everyday. Putting the words down, allowing them life. How do I make the time? How do I free up time? How do I make time to be me, to be free, to have life in me, pouring form me onto a page? I must see, I must be. I must put the words down for the world to see. I must make the time,a s I am now to write and wrote and wrote some more. To get the truths out of me. To share the words. To help someone be freed. To touch a soul with love.