The Words must be freed

The words abound. Pulling free from the depths of me. They are my life, my breath, my soul. They are me, finally set free. I hear the notes float upon the air, my air beats and then it is like the life is given to the words. They begin to float and be. I can then set them free. A life alive in me. A life of words and truths. I feel alive and free, I feel happy and at peace when the words are free to be in me. This is where I need to be everyday. Putting the words down, allowing them life. How do I make the time? How do I free up time? How do I make time to be me, to be free, to have life in me, pouring form me onto a page? I must see, I must be. I must put the words down for the world to see. I must make the time,a s I am now to write and wrote and wrote some more. To get the truths out of me. To share the words. To help someone be freed. To touch a soul with love.


The Beauty Inside of Me

My heart beats contentedly.

As the notes play out and ring true, they resonate deep inside of me.

They bring about the fire that is all that I am and words begin to flow freely.

My heart pounds, tears grace my cheeks.

I am me in this moment, I am all that I am to be.

I dream. I see of vision of a future of me.

It is still not clear but here I sit typing words.

Here I sit one day at a time, evaluating my next step.

I am beginning to let go of the hold I let the world have on me.

I am becoming free.

It is what Christ wants us to be. Yet we take on more.

We get lost in a sea of uncertainty.

We allow the world to pull us out into the murky sea.

But no more for me. I am swimming free. Going to the shore that I am meant to be.

I do not want this American dream. I want me in Christ, free.

I may build a house and live in my small town.

But I will write and write and write.

My heart will be poured out onto a page and lives will be changed.

I will love and carry the broken hearted. I will bear their burdens but in Christ’s way, for his “yoke is light, and easier to carry.”

I replay the sound that made the words begin.

Tears stream down.

In this moment I am alive. I am free. I am me.

My fire is burning bright.

Love encompasses me and all that I am to be.


Written 4-21-12 1:20 am

written to “Rose” off the Titanic Soundtrack