Writing Room and Life soon

Every time I get back on here and read my past posts and others posts, I feel alive again, whole and complete. Words are such a beautiful gift form God and I don’t take enough time any more to write them, to live them daily. I am really excited because we now have an extra bedroom in our home that is currently being converted into my creative room. A place for me to write, do crafts and work on my Masters homework. I am so excited about it and so grateful for the support of my finance soon to be husband (23 days!) in this. He is excited I get to have this room and is so supportive of my dreams of writing.  So I am so ready to make writing a daily thing again. Something I do every evening before I travel to bed to read a bit of a good book (currently on book 4 of the Harry Potter series). I change when I do not write everyday, I lose  piece of me that is central to who I am. I become unlikeable, almost unlovable, angry, mean, and hurtful. I can not wait for the time to put words upon a page, to have my deep thinking music playing and to connect with God. To become once again.



Blue Hair Dye and Such

So, I am sitting here with blue hair dye in. Yes…blue hair dye.  And may I remind anyone out there who may actually read my ramblings that I live in a tiny and I mean tiny town in hickville USA. I am not ashamed of where I come from…or as I discussed with a dear old firend of mine today…I am not even ashamed of my accent. I love it. But in this town things like blue hair are seen as “funny.” Yet, here I am 26, well 26 in 1 week and 1 day and I am getting older and tired of not doing simple little things like that. I have always wanted blue hair, just underneath…I am a social worker and don’t think a full head of blue hair would fly….anyway….I have always wanted blue hair and what is the big deal? Right? It is time to go for it! Blue hair, writing school, living alone, letting my 3 dogs live in my tiny home with me, buying my first car alone, being indepent, being me….yea…. it is great. Blue hair and all— life is the grandest it has ever been. I see more clearly, I live more fully, I love more completely. Man tragedy in our lives, heartbreak, gut wrenching life changes truly mold us into better people, if we allow it. So with blue hair dye and such I move and live and dance and breathe and have a completeness that I have never had before. Ah….blue hair dye can change you… 🙂