Words bring Life

Words. Just Words. Scribbles upon a page, yet they bring freedom, they bring life. Sweet Life. How can something that so many take for-granted be the one thing that brings me life? When I write, when I have sweet melodies playing in the background, I feel like me. The real me. The me He created me to be. It’s my salvation here on earth. My Christ is brought more to life inside of me when I write. With those words, some may judge. But it is different for each of us–being alive. Truly alive in Christ. Being who He has created us to be. I refuse to live my life in a stupor anymore. Denying the gift He has given me, the things He uses to teach me and grow me. I want to live in His way, not the way of the world. Not the way I am supposed to, but in His freedom, His way.

I pray I lose the words no more.


You Are FREE

Man, I’m just wanting more….more of God. More of my Christ. I so want me out of the way so He can reign in me. So the Holy Spirit can do a mighty work in and through me.
I began reading in Colossians 2 today. As I first read verses 6 & 7, I read about letting my roots grow deeper in Him, allowing my life to built on Him. Growing strong in His truth and allowing my thanksgiving to grow in Him.

“Let your roots grow down into Him and let your faith be built on Him. Then your faith will grow strong in the truth you were taught,and you will overflow with thankfulness.”

All I could think was, ” Yes!!! Amen!!!” Thankfulness was filling my soul!

Then it only got better from there. Yeah, I know how could it get any better?
Well here it is,
That sin we struggle with, the enemy that we fear at times and let have too much footing…yeah that one. Well, grasp this, he’s already been defeated! How easily we forget.

Verse 15 says “in this way He disarmed the spiritual rulers and authorities. He shared them publicly by His VICTORY on the cross!”

AMEN! How amazing is that!?! It’s awesome…he only has the power we allow him to have over us!
And finally as the chapter comes to a close I was just ecstatic to read about not being condemned by others, for not following legalism. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of do’s and don’ts. It’s so easy to push it on others. Yet we forget we are set free! Yes I said FREE! this doesn’t mean we stay in sin, rather it means we allow Christ to change our hearts, we stop trying to do it on our own! That right there got me more excited than anything! Because sometimes I try too hard. I work in the flesh to serve Him, instead of the Spirit.

I leave you with Verse 20 today. Ponder on it…..let it fill you up! You are FREE, so live like it!!!!!

“You have died with Christ, and He has set you FREE from the spiritual powers of this world.”

Amen dear friend! You are FREE!

Much Love,
Alissa Marie

And how fitting God gives this message to my heart on a weekend when we remember those who died giving us our freedom. My prayers for all those who have lost loved ones for my freedom. They are truly heroes!


Our Eternal Comforter


I find comfort in the words on this page of my prayer book and pray all can feel the same comfort. The last couple of years have been trial after trial and there were times I felt defeated, hopeless, lost, & angry. Now I am working to daily keep God first by waking in the morning and spending time with Him, praying, reading, &  listening. And with that comes peace, joy, patience, kindness, and love. His love can strengthen us and give us hope.
So we must never forget, no matter where we are, God is there. “Now may our Lord Jesus Christ himself and God our Father, who loved us and through grace gave us eternal comfort and good hope, comfort your hearts and strengthen them in every good work and word.” -1 Thessalonians 2:16-17

Make today Amazing for Christ!!

God has been using the book, Speechless, to really convict my heart. I am grateful for His conviction so I can change. I know he loves me when he teaches me like he does. I have seen how selfish I can be without realizing it, how self centered I can easily become in a self righteous way. For example when I inform my husband all I do and how he should do more and see all that I do. Maybe at times he should help more but I should not glorify myself in all that I do, make myself sound better than him or exalt myself. It is easy to let this behavior go unchecked and forget that it is in fact selfish and sin. So as I read today in Speechless, one of the authors, Scotty Smith, spoke of Acts 20: 24 where Paul said, “But my life is worth nothing to me unless I use it for finishing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus-the work of telling others the Good News about the wonderful grace of God.”

Wow, how convicting is that? My life is not worth a thing without Jesus, without finishing the work He has given me. And that may not be my definition of success or living. It doesn’t mean life is easy either, at the Paul was saying this he had people after him. Yet he continued to count the cost and find living for God was worth it all. I want this. I want to live letting God have all of me, spreading His word, not my will or ways. I am asking God to continue to grow me, to convict me where I need to change and let Him fill me up.

It is like Scotty Smith said in the book, “….we will either be obsessed with ourselves or with the only magnificent obsession, the kingdom of God.”


You are loved….a lover of words

I am sitting here thinking what do I write? Where do I begin? And I hear, “Write what you know.” Hmmm. What do I know? I know children, I know families, I know creativeness, kindness, and giving. I know love, being a wife, the dream of being a mother. I know failure, regret,  and hardship. I know excitement and joy. I know God. I know pain, heartache, and heartbreak. I know what it is to have a wonderful husband.  Sadly I know what it is to have a lousy one as well, ah and yes there again comes the regret. LOL, how else can write that I literally just laughed out loud. Ah and I know words and they joy and lightheartedness they bring. The truth they display as they pour out of me onto a page. As I write this I feel as if I am creating a masterpiece. I feel as if the words are so grand and full of life. Words that will touch another’s heart and soul. To bring them joy, truth, and even an escape from reality for a brief time. Words that burn into someone’s mind, helping them become alive, to take that big step and live their life. I know words have done this for me. Words in books, poems and definitely words in a song. Listening to a speech on the golden globes or the words in a movie. Listening to an evangelist tell his heartbreaking story that ended with the love of a savior. Words of truth, life and love that touched me so deeply that at the tender age of eight,  I gave my own heart to the Lord.

Yes words, they are gift from God. I mean look, he spoke us into being. He gave us a savior who spoke in creative stories to teach us. And he gave us the Bible. It is safe to say God is a lover of words. He is the author and finisher of our lives and faith. He was the first writer at heart. And I have always felt I am a woman after God’s own heart, just like David was a man after God’s own heart. Maybe that is why words burn so deeply in me. Why I feel at home and complete and utterly alive when I write. Maybe that is why God used them to save my life, not only in His Word or the words he gave the evangelist, but also when I was teen with a not so easy life. Yes, when I was that teen struggling with deep emotions and problems bigger than others my age, He gave me songs and a simple black and white composition that changed my life. It stopped me from trying drugs or cutting my wrists. It was my gift from Him to grow me, teach me and show me His love in a deep and magnificent way.

As I write this and my heart swells up like a big hot air balloon. I know that this is my gift to the world. It is a purpose, a calling he has placed on my life. To write and write and write some more. To let my words be a light to those lost and hurting just as I was at one time. To say to them, you are loved.

Will You Still Love Me?

Will you still love me?…the question we ask. Luckily I have the answer, no matter what happens, I will have love for life. I have a Savior who died, he sacrificed His life for me. He rose from the dead for me and He will come back. I feel His arms around me through the trials and suffering of this world. I see His grace and mercy in my life. I Have asked where He is before, cried out and yet I feel His answer, “Yes I am here my child.” I see it in something simple, a nudge in my heart, confirmation through the words of another. Yes, he is there and will always love me. Even when human love fails, His eternal love never does.

I am grateful for knowing this, for knowing His love. I am grateful for the love He has given me in my husband. I love my husband but as I have grown, I have learned my dependency is not in my husband, it is in Christ. I was married once before, when I was young, only 21, and I depended on my husband to full-fill me. I thought we were destined to be and with him my life would be complete. However, I learned he was only human and he was weak. He had no compassion for others and was self centered. I learned from that divorce to do things differently next time. I haven’t done it all right but I am now married to a man who loves Christ and is growing. He is a man with a heart and is not self centered. I don’t lean on him for it all. I walk with him, hand in hand, taking things day by day. Being a team working together. But letting God be our coach, our guide.


Even now, as I write these words, I am learning. I am learning how to be, how not to be, and where I need to grow and change. I am learning how to live and be and serve the one who loves me forever and eternally.