The Reason For Your Pain 

“The more she hurt, the more she learned how to help others who were hurt.” (Uninvited pp.84) 

With those words my heart was gripped and tears spilled over. I heard the gentle words of my Father, “The hurt you’ve had has prepared you to love and help the hurting souls. It has allowed you to be prepared to go to those on the street and love them. Where others only judge, you love. Let me fill you with the hope you so desperately need, the grace to give to other wounded souls on the street.” 

Just like Abigail in 1 Samuel, I can make a choice to let grace fill me in difficult times. I can chose to let grace overflow. 

It is a choice! My choice. 

And as I read I realized God has been preparing me for the work He has for me. I knew that at one time. I understood the hurt, pain, and  trials made me who I am. I knew they allowed me to love the unloved. It allowed me to bless, to understand, identify, and help. 

But somewhere along the way, I lost that. I allowed anger, doubt, and insignificance to fill those hurt places, instead of the beautiful grace He’s so lovingly given me. And all this has done is produce more hurt, more anger, more death. 

If I want to be victorious in my walk with Christ I must not play the part of a victim. If I want others to be victorious, I must first be victorious myself. Then I can help them rise above a victim mentality that’s only holding them back. Only then can I help them see how they can be set free and made whole again in the arms of a Father who loves them do dearly. 

Thank you Lord for how you teach us.Thank you for your grace who fills those broken places, the grace that lovingly binds all my wounds. The grace that only multiplies so it can spill out into the lives of others who so desperately need it. 

I love you Lord. I love you. Thank you Jesus. In your holy and most precious name we pray. 
(Lysa Turkeurst, Uninvited Book). 


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