Give What You Need


As I read the blog and watched the video for this week’s study through Proverbs 31 online Bible studies, my heart was opened to see my problems and desires in a new way.

Habit 4 of the 5 Habits Of A Woman Who Doesn’t Quit, can be hard. It is giving what we desire/need. It is offering help to someone when we need help, praying for someone when we need prayer. And it got me thinking about what that means and how I could apply it.
Then, as usual, I hear that still small voice whispering to my heart.
“It’s simple….it is what it says it is. When you need a friend… a friend, when you need help with chores….help someone with theirs, when you need prayer…pray for someone else.”

Wow…so simple yet profound. Can you imagine how this simple act could change your life, your outlook and more importantly other peoples lives? People would see Christ instead of anger, brokenness, or bitterness. They’d see that true sacrificial love and I guarantee that would all come back to you. I can guarantee this because of his word and this week’s Bible verse….


So profound, yet simple. But isn’t that just like our God?

I implore you to give what you need this week…pay attention to how this plays out. Write it down. Start today by writing how you feel and write what you need throughout the day, then be that blessing to someone else. After that record how it went, how you feel and how it affected them. I believe you will see the mighty hand of God working this week!

I’ll begin

I need someone to help me with chores, so tonight I’ll help my son with putting up the dishes.

It may be simple but it’s a start!

Much Love, 💕
Alissa Marie


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