To My Momma


“I Love you because there’s nobody in the whole world like you.” (From a card you gave me when I was little….I still have it & its framed!)

You didn’t have to keep me at the tender age of 16 but you did and you raised me to be a strong woman. Because of you going to college and being an example, I worked hard and now have a masters degree. Because of you telling me I had to get over my shyness and putting me in cheerleading and then telling me I had to go to those big college classes, I’m about to lead my own session at a huge conference. Because of you telling me to never let anyone pick on because of my short size, my beliefs, and teaching me not to conform or try to be cool, I never cared about that stuff, I took up for others, and stayed true to myself. Because of you teaching me how to be a mother and stepmother, I have confidence in mothering and know you are there with any questions I may have. And most importantly because of you tucking me in every night, praying with me, and sending me to church I have a strong heart for God and I’m passing the same on to my kids. God blessed me with a strong momma who had to grow up fast and chose to give her all to raising me. You didn’t have to….I wasn’t planned and you were young…but you did. You sacrificed for me like Jesus sacrificed for us all….what a beautiful Godly example that has been to my heart!


I love you Mommie Dearest…love your Jane Pain!!!


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