Influence for Christ


“The world’s sin is that it refuses to believe in me.” John 16:9

That verse in John 16, really grabs at my heart. It is heartbreaking to hear Jesus speak this….the number one sin of the world is, it doesn’t believe. How many souls are perishing daily because of unbelief?

And the bigger question…how many of us Christians are doing anything ? How many of us are saying we believe but are  living like we don’t?

I know I don’t always live like I’m saved. I gripe, complain, worry, gossip, and the list goes on and on. If my life doesn’t look different to the outside world then why would they even want Jesus? How can I make a difference if I live like the world?
God is really growing me and helping me see areas I need to refine, areas I need to change, things that need to be done. And in this process I’m praying I can be a person of influence for Christ. That others will look at me but see Him. I want to go out among the lost and dying world and be a light of His glory.

I think about our NYC trip in December and how we felt lead to bless the homeless. It was simply amazing to give to others in that capacity. To pray for them and to still be praying for them. I felt so alive and excited, my husband said “look how happy you are in that picture. It’s like your meant to do this ”
I do still feel a calling to the streets of NYC. I’d go now but I know it’s all in God’s time. And in that waiting time I can still be blessing others here, I can still pray for others, give to others, and love others.
That’s the key….serving Him no matter what…helping the world to let go of the sin of unbelief. To be a light to this dark world no matter where we are!

Are you shining God’s light where you are or are you waiting for that special calling that may never come? Don’t wait! The world needs you today!

Jesus, thank you for all you are teaching me! Thank you for these truths. Help us each to go out into the world and shine your light in the dark. Help us to help us be set free in your name, oh Jesus. We love you, thank you , and praise you!  In Jesus name amen!


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