Fill Me Up!

Oh sweet Jesus, how I love you.

I enjoy this time alone with you in the mornings.

Nothing but You, me, and a cup of coffee.

It is such a healing for my soul.

Life giving and life changing.

Thank you for meeting with me, just a girl who sins and messes up daily.

A girl that despite all this You love and continue to speak to.

I am blessed.

As I sit here and write a song plays, “You make me brave. You make me brave. You call me out beyond the shore into the waves. You make me brave. You make me brave. No fear can hinder now, the promises You made. You make me brave.” (You Make Me Brave-Bethel Music)

And that is my desire, to be brave for You. To walk out upon the waters. To trust you in the midst of the storm. To remember that you calm the waves. To be bold and alive for you Oh Lord.

sunrise at beach

As I read Your word today in Matthew 8 and 9, I read of those who had mighty faith in your healing and then I turn the page to read the disciples feared the storm. You spoke and calmed the waves and asked of their little faith. The men who walked with you daily feared a storm and soldier knew you could heal without even coming to his home. Father I no longer want to be that way. I want to believe and have that earth shattering faith. A common soldier had more faith than those walking with you….that speaks volumes to me as a Christian. It isn’t in what we do, it is in how we truly live. It is not in how we look to the world-in going to church or even spending time with you, it is in the little things-do we show our faith?

In Matthew 8:13, you say, “I want you to show mercy not offer sacrifices.” It is in loving people, living for others. Not my sacrifice of time to teach on Sunday’s, go to church, or in my sacrifice of getting up early….it is in my daily interactions with others. Am I showing them your mercy and love?

Today, I am praying I see that more. I am praying I do not miss an opportunity to give Your love to another soul. To not overlook the opportunity to be Jesus to this hurting, lost, and dying world.

I cry out……

“Oh Fill me up God! Love of God overflow, permeate all my soul! Fill me up God! Fill me up!” (Fill Me Up-Jesus Culture)



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