Choose to See


“Every mornin’ I
Have the chance to rise
And give my all
Every afternoon I find
I have only wasted time
In light of your awe
Isn’t love amazing?
I forgot how to speak
Knowin’ you are near and
I am finally free”
– Jennifer Knapp -( Say Won’t You Say Lyrics | MetroLyrics)

It’s so easy to overlook all we have in Christ. It’s easy to turn on the tv, get on social media, hurry to work, stay busy and  simply rush through our day never looking up.
As I drove this am, I listened to the song above and I praised Jesus. I prayed and sought forgiveness for not getting up the last few mornings. I prayed to live for Him more so that He is glorified, to not overlook He’s simple yet mighty blessings.
Then I look up and I see the beautiful sun rising surround by mountains. I stopped to take it in… not caring about being a couple minutes late and not caring what the people driving by thought of me.
As I started to drive off, I noticed a cat in the road, it had been hit but was just sitting there. I stopped. I couldn’t leave it in the road. Luckily a coworker of my husband’s stopped and helped move the cat, it ran to the ditch and sat down.
I asked a couple of businesses if they knew who it belonged to and they didn’t. So I had to leave him. I called the local animal shelter and left a message about his location. I said a prayer for the poor lil guy and left.
I hated to leave but I had done all I could do. And I thought, “what a way for my morning to start,” and called my husband crying. He told me that’s why he loves me, because I have a big heart.
As I left the poor lil guy and drove on to work, I heard God speaking to me. Instead of looking at it as, “what a way to start my day,” I need to choose to see Him in it. God allowed me the opportunity to help a cat, an animal. It wasn’t about ruining my day, it was about being Jesus.
I can overlook the beautiful sunrise and I can make a cat being hit about me or I can choose to see the beauty that still exists amidst the ugly. God was there with me allowing me to love and if he’s allowing me to help an animal, how many opportunities is He giving me to help and love people? How many opportunities am I overlooking because I’m putting the focus on me, because I’m in a rush; not taking just a moment to see the absolutely breathtaking beauty around me and the chance to give that beauty to a hurting soul?

“And we know that God cause all things to work together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose for them” -Romans 8:28 NLT


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