Friendship – A Delicate Yet Powerful Treasure


Friendships are such a precious thing but I’ve found as we get older, we tend to neglect them. We say we are too busy but really we just don’t make time for the precious people God has placed in our lives. We overlook the peace and joy they can bring is. We overlook the value their friendship brings to our lives.
Today as I prayed, God gently spoke to me about my friends, you know the ones I text when I’m in a bind, having a rough day, or when I need prayer. The ones I want to share exciting news with, the ones I pray so hard for, the ones who make me laugh.
Yes, I overlook them too much.
So as I prayed, God spoke directly to me about how to make time for them, just planning something once a month. I heard Him whisper that it would bring me peace, the peace I had just been reading about in my devotion, Jesus Calling.
“Receive my peace abundantly and thankfully. It is a rare treasure, dazzling in delicate beauty, yet strong enough to withstand all onslaughts.”
Isn’t that a beautiful portrait not just of His peace but the friendships He blesses us with? The rare treasure we so often overlook?
When I think about my friends I see the dazzling yet delicate beauty that are. They are beautiful but delicate because they need to be nurtured. We have to make time for the relationship. We have to reach out and be there for one another, spend time together to nurture this beautiful gift. And when we do this, then they will grow strong. So strong that they can withstand the onslaughts the enemy throws our way. It could be he attacks the friendship, trying to break it down but if its been treasured and nurtured then he can’t destroy it. Or it could be he attacks one person but with having friendship, you have a powerful force of prayer behind you. Because you treasured and nurtured the friendship, they are there now to help you do battle.
I want treasure my friendships, I want His peace washing over me. I don’t want to spend another minute overlooking the beautiful friendships he has blessed me with!


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