What Are You Waiting For?

Yesterday was first day, in 15 days  not writing on here, my first day in 15 days not really writing anything. I saw this quote in Facebook and knew it was meant for me.


This is what I am working towards now with my at home business and my blog! And I hope I don’t miss another day of working my business or writing my blog because these two things will get me where I want to be, where I feel called to be.  I’m taking a big step in faith. I am working to be debt free, become a stay at home Momma and a writer!!
These are my biggest goals right now. From these things so much more can come–traveling, helping others, homeschooling, taking care of my family and friends, leading others in love to Christ.
It’s time I finally took more than a single step….it’s time I jumped, into all God has for me!!

I thank God for the message he spoke through Steve Harvey about this recently, a message that opened my eyes!!


What step or leap do you need to take into all God is calling you to?? What calling has He created you for that you keep putting off?


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