Guardian of Our Souls


Daily God blows me away with His ways of teaching me. His confirmations in what He is wanting me learn and grow in.

Today I read Chapter 7 in Fervent. It was about Purity, about not giving into our sins and temptations and how God is there with us, not condemning but giving grace to help us change our ways.

I thought of the areas I struggle with….laziness in my exercise. I do have fibromyalgia but I know God can help me overcome my tiredness at the moment to go make my body healthier, yet I give into the temptation of just sitting. I am not talking about the days I know God is calling me to rest but the days he is calling me to exercise. I know I should be in bed earlier but I instead stay up to watch a show or scroll through Facebook. I know I shouldn’t gossip but I partake in the destruction of another. I know I shouldn’t be hateful just because I am tired, my body aches or I am genuinely not feeling well, but I still talk awful sometimes.

This are my sins daily. Daily. These sins keep from Him. But I am so grateful that I am not under the law but under grace ( Romans 6:14).

And with that Grace i had read about in Fervent, God only gave me more in the Proverbs 31 Ministries First 5 app…as I opened it I read, “Whatever enslaves us. Whatever holds us hostage. Our God is still GREATER.” -Wendy Blight

Thank you Jesus for another reminder that these are the sins I am battling with and need to work on but I have your grace.  Thank you for teaching me through Fervent how satan is looking for the weak moments and wants me to give in but through you, the greater one, I can overcome. I do not have to give in. I want to be used as an instrument of your peace and I know that I can be in you, the guardian of my soul.

What sins do you need to work on? Where is satan tempting you? Pray about these areas, ask God to give you grace, wisdom and discernment. he will help you overcome!


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