My lil Bible study buddy sits on guard on my lap. He may just seem like a little dog but his significance to me is so much more. God brought him to me 10 1/2 years ago and he has been my constant companion. My little buddy being right by my side through some rough times.

This morning  before Jack came to sit with me, I cried out to God:
Show me where I need to grow, hand things over, and let walls be torn down.

Almost instantly he answers me by sending Jack to sit on my lap and an overwhelming feeling of emotion came over me. Such love. Then the thoughts of all he’s been for me and all I can learn from him. I am humbled as I pet him. I’m humbled because he is simply a dog but a dog that God blessed with in lonely times.  A dog that’s teaching me now about loyalty, obedience, trust, and unconditional love. Things I could have towards my God more. This little dog holds it all.
Sometimes God uses the simplest things to teach us.


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