Do Not Fear

“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” – John 14:27


It is so easy to become afraid and worried when God calls us to something. Let’s be real and honest’s scary to step out of our comfort zones, to trust Him. I find myself daily back peddling on things God has told me because it seems hard and it’s not what I’m used to. Especially when he’s calling me from something I’m confident in to something I feel weak in.
Just like Moses in Chapter 4 of Exodus, he only looked at his weaknesses. He couldn’t seem to grasp that God could speak through him, God could use him as he was. All he had to do was trust, to not be troubled or afraid.
It’s easy for us to say, “What the heck Moses? God’s showing you all this, He’s calling you…why don’t you just trust him?”
But, how many times do we do the same thing? How many times do you know your supposed to reach out to someone, pray with them or give them a word from the Lord but don’t? Oh you feel your heart pounding, you hear his voice ok maybe it’s not a burning  bush but it’s pretty close, and just like Moses you refuse, you let fear, insecurities, and doubt stop you.

How many times do we know we are called to something but because we can’t see every step we retreat, we stay where it’s comfortable and we know what to expect?
For me, for years, it’s been my writing. I feel called to write but I’ve never fully pursued it actively because I can’t see the steps. I start letting doubt creep in, then his good friend, worry comes over, next fear just moves on in and God is pushed out the door. Well not anymore.

Let these words from Lysa Terkeurst sink in anytime doubt comes knocking on the door:

“Trust this. Embrace this. Even if you don’t know all the details of your calling quite yet, thank God for making you perfectly equipped for your assignments ahead.”

We are ‘perfectly equipped’ in Him, we have nothing to fear, so let His peace wash over you today and with this one life you have, live it abundantly in Him!!

Lysa Terkeurst -First5 app


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