A Call To Give Love


I love Matthew 10, the call it places upon the apostles life…the call it places upon our lives! Verse 8 spoke to me the most,
“Freely you have received; freely give.”

It’s short and seems simple enough but how often is it not that simple in my life? How often do I cling to money out of fear, possessions out of selfishness? How often do I ignore His voice for my own comfort? Way too often, I’m afraid.

I’m grateful my husband and I are beginning to listen a little more. We aren’t perfect in it, we mess up, slip and fall. But we get back up, seek forgiveness, and open our hearts again to hear His still small voice.
We feel called to make Homeless Care Kits for our trip to NYC. We are so excited for the people we will meet, the story of their lives, to pray with them, and bless them…to give freely as we have received. To make a vacation something more than just about us. As my husband said, “To give back when we have been given so much.”
For us, this is just the beginning. We want to be faithful in this and then take the next step, and the next to get to the full vision he has given us. We pray the above words, “God enable us to trust you to set the priorities of our day.”
Each and every day…for us to serve you fully, to love others, to freely give, to see souls saved. We are ready to go out into the muck and the mire, wrap our arms around the lost and see you glorified!


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