A Heart Full of Faith


Abba Father,
My biggest prayer is for all 3 of my boys to be here in Christmas. I believe you can do this. I want to believe you in big and little. I want faith like the centurion had in Matthew 8. He knew you could heal his servant, without you stepping a foot in his home. Oh what faith! I thank you in advance for answered prayer. I thank you that you are bringing my boys home. I also believe the other things on my heart will be answered….I know I can live out this vision you have given if I just trust in you!

“My Moment: Have you been praying for something that is so big you aren’t sure even God can do it? Let today be the day you believe God is big enough to answer that prayer. With Him nothing is impossible. Claim that truth today, and pray with the faith of the centurion!” -Wendy Blight


2 thoughts on “A Heart Full of Faith

  1. wendyblight says:

    Thank you so much for sharing from our First 5 teaching!! Standing with you that God will give you the desire of your heart and bring your boys home for Christmas!



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