Living for and Loving Him


“In Matthew 5, Jesus openly talks about some of these sticky subjects we also would like to avoid….”

“Let’s face it … it’s much easier to receive a message on love, hope or joy. But these sticky subjects can make us very uncomfortable. Yet, Jesus doesn’t try to skirt around the obvious or avoid talking about the hard stuff. Why? Because, if sin is in our lives, it has to be exposed and dealt with right away. Otherwise Satan will use it against us to create a stronghold and keep us from experiencing God’s presence and true freedom.” -Leah DiPascal

Lord, how I fail you daily. I just sinned by letting my frustration get the best of me and snapping at my husband. So I ask you please forgive me.  I’m grateful I have your word and the Unglued book to grow me closer to you. I am learning so much about my raw emotions and how to honor you with them. Thank you for your grace as I grow! I want to serve you with all of me and bring glory to your name!


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