The Renewing of Me

I must now admit…I am a procrastinator, I feel overwhelmed daily with the tasks at hand, and I rarely accomplish much. I believe that is why my writing sits untouched, because it is all too overwhelming and the risk of failure looms ahead. It’s easier to search Facebook or watch TV. I am so grateful for the words from my previous study, Taming The To Do List, …yes I have procrastinated it and still have 2 more chapters to go! However I am grateful for the guidance it has given me, especially today. Glynnis Whitwer states, “Without a specific plan it’s easy for our highest and best goals to never be more than vague ideas.” (pp.176)

These words resonated with me and I followed her advice of creating master to do lists broken down, instead of one big to do list. So I sat and I wrote, It Works Business, Writing, Cleaning House, Budget, Cleaning Garage, Christmas Cards and the lists go on! I felt,a s she did, overwhelmed, almost cried. Then I realized the potential I have just released. The potential to accomplish these things. I will not declare I will do this overnight, or tomorrow or the next day. But rather I declare I have a plan, a plan I can present to the Lord. A plan I can begin to work on with a true goal ahead, with small defined steps.

I ordered the lists by what is most important and I have labeled steps for each goal as, Glynnis suggested in Chapter 13. For example: NYC Trip:

1. Pick dates

2. Make a Budget: Food, gas, extras, hotel, subway pass, train pass from NJ, payment for animals

3. Make hotel/room reservations

4. Plan route

5. Book Hotel

6. Make arrangements for animals: someone to house sit, list of to do daily for animals, list of don’ts, plenty pf food, walk thru, leave key

7. Homeless Care bags: Make flyer, Buy stuff to make some-leave at church for examples, post on FB if needed, host a packing party if bags are not prepacked

That may look more daunting but if I just pick one thing off the list at a time, it is so much easier!

I feel this will help me with my ADHD, my feelings of regret for not getting enough done, and it can propel me into a better one. A life God has intended for me to live. As I do this, I will be able to carve out more free time, more time to let him move, or even time to plan things I feel he is calling me to.

Ahh and how my sweet Jesus runs this book into my current study in Unlgued. As I am on this process, this journey of being more organized, I am also on the journey of not letting my emotions wash over me and take control. I am renewing my mind daily (Romans 12:2). I love the beauty of how He grows us and helps us on this journey, if we will simply listen.

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I end this today with some questions from the Proverbs 31 OBS Blog and I encourage you to come check it out!

Observe — Have you noticed a change in your thought patterns or perspective as a result of your Bible reading and study this week? If so, what prompted the change? yes, I have noticed a change. I feel calmer, I feel like I have control and I do not have to let my emotions control me! I have recited the verse and took a deep breath when feeling upset. And something Lysa said resonated with me and has helped me this week. I believe it was in the first chapter when she said that “Feelings  are indicators, not dictators.” This has shown me there are things me and my husband need to talk about and work through. My emotions are indicators that maybe I do need a little extra help. But by blowing up at my husband I won’t get that help. However, by talking to him calmly with respect, I might get the help I need. I make the choice. My emotions aren’t bad, it is how I react to them.

Bible — If you haven’t already, read Joshua’s story from Chapter 2 (p. 24-28, paperback). Joshua had to learn how to deal with something out of his control, without losing control. It’s a great lesson for us! Read it in your Bible … Joshua 5:13-15 and Joshua 6:1-27. What’s one thing you learn from reading this story? That I need to decide who’s side I am on. I need to trust Him and be completely on His side, even when I feel crazy or life doesn’t make sense. When I do that and stop looking to others or myself for answers or to do it all, only then I will have have the control I need because I  trust Him.

Stretch — How can you take what you’ve read in your Bible and Unglued book off the page and really live it in your life? I already have this week by not responding in anger or frustration with my husband. if he has forgot the trash, instead of yelling at him I may just take it myself and say, “Thanks Lord I have a home with trash to take out. I am blessed.” I have felt so much more joy in all of this. I have been at home sick, which has helped me a little with getting some housework done here and there but overall it has been a choice. It doesn’t mean I am doing it all, it means I am choosing at that moment to do what needs to be done and later talk to my husband about it. And with that he has been less stressed, more attentive and he is even putting his dirty clothes in the hamper, so the trash can come later! It is the small victories my friends!


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