A Soldier in the Army of Christ

I am amazed at tall God is showing me,each day. Every morning that I get up and spend time with Him, he reveals something new to my heart. He shows me a new piece of the vision He has for my life and it is so exciting.  He shows me where I failed so I can learn from it, repent, and move on-he doesn’t do this to condemn me, but to love me and grow me. He shows me in His word what we are called to be, salt and light.

He has been reminding me of a vision He gave me 12 years ago, one I will write up soon. He has brought me back to the place my heart once was; the place he wants me at. A heart that is filled with love for the lost. A heart that wants to jump into the sea of the lost and spread His love and glory so they will be set free. My husband and I are reading Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire, by Jim Cymbala and last night we read in chapter 10 about a homeless man who came walking up to the front. Jim was prepared to give him money,as he thought that was what he was going to ask for. As the man approached the smell of the man almost knocked him over. He took a breath and reached for his wallet. What happened next is nothing more than our God. The man told him “No, you don’t understand-I don’t want you money. I’m going to die out there. I want the Jesus that red haired girl talked about.” Jim was ashamed of his actions, he sought God’s forgiveness and the man fell upon him and he shared the love of Jesus with Him. Jim states, I felt love fore this pitiful young man. And that smell….I don’t know how to explain it. It had almost made me sick, but now it became the most beautiful fragrance to me. I reveled in what had been repulsive just a moment ago. That is what I want in my life, that the stench of the lost would be a beautiful fragrance to me. A fragrance that leads me to them, to love them as Christ. Jim states, “The Lord seemed to say to me in an instant, Jim, if you and your wife have any value to me, if you have any purpose in my work-it has to do with this odor. this is the smell of the world I died for.”  ( p. 142-143) This is what we are here for and called to.

From Jim’s words in the book I am seeing that we are not just here for ourselves, to live our normal quiet lives, the American dream. We are supposed to love the lost and lead them to Christ. When our churches are self focused, Bible studies for only the church, programs all at the church, a sacrifice for the church and there is no outward outreaches, no going out among the lost, I fear we have lost the vision of what the church is supposed to be.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with Bible studies and growing ourselves with Bible studies, or coming together. Those things are not bad, they are needed but if that is our only focus, if we are only in the church walls, how will we ever reach the lost? We must be going out among the people, we must let them see we love them and want them to come join our family. That is where my heart now is. It is my hearts cry to love the lost. (Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire, pp 150-153)

As I begin my morning time with the Lord, I have started to have praise and worship time and it has been amazing. It opens me up and gets my heart set on Him. I feel more alive and ready to cry out for others on my prayer list. As I praised him this am, I listened to Break Every Chain by Kim Walker-Smith and Jesus Culture. As I worshiped God and asked Him to continue to break the chains that bind me up, so that I can do His work I was set on fire by the lyrics; “There is power in the name of Jesus, there’s an army rising up…to break every chain.” Who is that army? It is you, it is me, it is the church. We are the army who is to rise up and to help break the chains of the lost, in Jesus’ name! How amazing is that? How beautiful is that? We are the army. Just let that sink in for a moment…

So with this knowledge, with this call upon us, with knowing that we have power in His name and we have all we need in Him, how can we now turn away? I can’t look back anymore. I want to be a part of His army. I want to see souls saved, redeemed,and set free! I want to help break those chains!

I leave you with the words on my Bible cover,

” The choice has been made. There is no looking back. I have stepped over the line, I won’t give up or shut up. My focus is clear, my path straight, my God reliable. I’m a disciple of Christ (Luke 9:23, Hebrews 12:1-3).”

(Break Every ChaIn, Jesus Culture & Kim Walker-Smith. Youtube video)

(Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire; Jim Cymbala and Dean Merrill. 1197. Zondervan Publishing)

(picture on google image search, https://www.pinterest.com/explore/break-every-chain/)


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