God, Write My Story

Genesis 35

“My Moment: What part of your story can Christ rewrite? Or has He already rewritten?”

I think when I cling to the past, it’s not in that I dwell on all the bad, the heartache, the mistakes I made…I instead dwell on how on fire I was for God at one time. How getting up was easy, how I had so much energy, how I was just excited about the Lord and trusted in Him completely.
But God showed me today, that I’ve been through so many seasons, some I brought on myself but in each of them, He was there with me. He has carried me through and loves me. I can’t look back to who I was…instead I must look to who God has made me since then. Like Jacob being renamed, Israel, I too have a new name in Christ. I too have a new path and direction. But I must be willing to do as Jacob did and lay aside any idols, I must be willing to take the first steps down the new path He has for me, I must trust Him completely. I must allow Him write my story.

“Prayer: Father God, it is so easy to only remember what’s defined me in the past—hurt, hopeless, broken, alone. Would you whisper to me that in Christ I am redeemed, chosen, healed and loved? Help me live a new story, one that shows how truthful and faithful You are to Your children. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”


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