Working for my Christ…on Fire!

I sit here drinking my coffee and reading his word. I’m so grateful for these morning hours, alone in the quiet to meet with Him. I feel this time changing me a little each day. I feel it growing me closer to him, creating a grateful heart, giving me peace. But I want more. I want to be less distracted during these times, I want to hear him more clearly, I want to serve him with all of me. I want to be on fire for my Christ! I’m asking him right now for that fire! I want to stand strong in Him, no holding back. To be bold and fully alive in my Christ! To live each day doing my work for Him…whether it’s growing this business he gave me, going on a home visit, packing lunch for my husband or cleaning house…I want to do it all with a grateful heart and mean it! To feel blessed I have a home to clean!


Lord keep growing that fire in me! Help me to see you, hear you, and fully live for you! Amen!

Are you giving your all to Him, are you alive in Christ or just walking through the motions? Where can you be more enthusiastic in your work for him?


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