Becoming a Humble Servant


“In His final hours of life on earth, Jesus met with His disciples privately. He didn’t roll out leadership strategies on how to overthrow the Roman government. Instead, He demonstrated the greatest strength of a leader, humility.” “Bowing low, Jesus took a towel and washed the dusty dirty feet of each disciple. When He was finished He imparted the words recorded in John 13:15b”, “Do as I have done for you.”
-Wendy Pope
God thank you for speaking to my heart about how I can be more humble and be a servant. I know that with my husband I’m quick to point out all I have done when we have an argument. When I do this there’s no humility, it’s me pointing out and wanting praise for things I’ve  done. The servant hood flies out the window at that moment. It becomes about me instead of Jesus. I’m sorry for this. Help me to stay humble even when I’m frustrated.  My Moment: How will you serve others today?
I will serve my husband by making him breakfast and not bringing it up in the future. I also pray my husband and I find ways to serve our elderly neighbor and to start serving my grandparents weekly.  John 13:15 (NIV) “I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you.”


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