Real Love


As I watched and listened to Dr. Charles Stanley share this am, I was touched not only by God’s love for us but how He teaches us through His word.
He teaches us about true love; it’s not selfish, it’s not just an emotion, it’s a sacrificial action.
Dr. Stanley asked. “Are you truly loving your spouse, your neighbor, your friend?”
My answer is not what I want it to be. I strive to love more like this, to not be selfish, for that’s not real love, but to truly love those around, not expecting a return. To be more sacrificial especially in my love to my husband. I think it’s easy to say, “well I’m not doing that because he didn’t do this or that.” But that’s not true love, based on God’s definition. And I believe if we can let go and follow His word, setting aside our selfishness & self-protectiveness, then we can experience true freedom and more love and joy than we have ever imagined.


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