“Infectious Grace” aka Be a Fool For Christ!


John 12:25 “Those who love their life in this world will lose it. Those who care nothing for their life in this world will keep it for eternity.”

The Chapter I read in  Speechless today was titled Infectious Grace and it was about missions and truly outpouring God’s love no matter what,  no matter where you are. In the chapter it spoke of a great man of God, Jack Miller,  and his burial. He was man on fire for God, reaching out anywhere and everywhere with God’s love. Two of the men who spoke at his funeral were previous drug abusers he had lead to Christ on the street and they had actually married his daughters after becoming Christians! Wow! What a man of God.
It is my prayer to become like this man…not trying to just work for myself  or God but to LIVE for Him! Jack Miller is quoted in the chapter: “Throw away your self-protection and be a fool for Christ.”  What a profound statement and one I pray I begin to live by! How easily we work to protect ourselves and as the verse above says… that’s when we lose our lives. I want more. I want to live for my Christ, my Savior!

As some of my church members leave today for a mission trip, I pray for their safety but more than that, I pray for their ability to be fools for Christ! I love you all at Lifeway Community Church, Sylva NC and I am praying for you – go plant those seeds, go dance, sing, pray, and be fools for our most high King!!


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