Writing Room and Life soon

Every time I get back on here and read my past posts and others posts, I feel alive again, whole and complete. Words are such a beautiful gift form God and I don’t take enough time any more to write them, to live them daily. I am really excited because we now have an extra bedroom in our home that is currently being converted into my creative room. A place for me to write, do crafts and work on my Masters homework. I am so excited about it and so grateful for the support of my finance soon to be husband (23 days!) in this. He is excited I get to have this room and is so supportive of my dreams of writing.  So I am so ready to make writing a daily thing again. Something I do every evening before I travel to bed to read a bit of a good book (currently on book 4 of the Harry Potter series). I change when I do not write everyday, I lose  piece of me that is central to who I am. I become unlikeable, almost unlovable, angry, mean, and hurtful. I can not wait for the time to put words upon a page, to have my deep thinking music playing and to connect with God. To become once again.



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