Writing again

Well I checked on this writing class I started a LONG time ago and of course I stopped it like I always do with writing. I stopped because life got busy and writing is for some reason,t he first thing I toss out. But I checked and I can start back! I plan on starting back ASAP. I can’t wait to start writing and having a professional review the work and give me guidance. I am ready. Ready to devote time to the class. Ready to take time for me and the writing that makes me, well, ME! I am glad I have someone who supports me taking that time when I am already working on my Masters degree and working full time. But I can do it and it will make me better, writing always does. I can’t wait to get started!




2 thoughts on “Writing again

  1. Good luck with the class. Any writing that can be done is good enough, even if you can only get in a 100 words a day. I’m going to do my best to devote myself to writing too because it was always the first thing I tossed out as well when I was in school.

    • uponmyheart says:

      Thank you. I am seeing it needs to be a daily thing for me. It frees me. Makes me smile. It is a gift I can give myself everyday.

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