Beauty in the Words

I love how words flow into my mind with the beat of a certian tune. I love how I feel alive, awakened and birthed into new life.

The words grow me, they create me. They are my life-force.

Beauty in words upon a page.

Life, love, hope, truth.

I am lost in the words and life of a song that plays.

Weird and depressing they say, what I like to turn up, but for me it sets of a fire in me.

A life force that creates me and makes me all I am to be. My hands can barley keep up with the words that ebb and flow.

A river of life flowing form me.
Such a God given gift.

i love it so.

My heart beats, my soul explodes with the life force pouring from me.


A gift, the life in me.

Words upon a page, oh sweet words.

my love given in words.

Me….upon a page.


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