Lost in the Love of a Lifetime

Two souls intertwine. Kisses flow, hearts race, lost in a love of a lifetime.

My heart pounds as he comes near. He is my love, my life, my dream.

I feel as if my breath is taken from me when he pulls me close.

I always dreamed of this love. A love that transcends time. A love that makes me feel alive.

My body trembles, my heart is full. All I feel is love bursting forth from me.

I see no one but him. I see my life in his beautiful eyes.

When our souls meet I feel love. I feel his protection of me. I love him above me as I pull him in close.

This must be a dream.

How can I deserve such a love, such an amazing man with a beautiful heart and soul?

I have made so many mis-steps. I have been impatient and given parts of myself away. Pieces is all I have to give to him.

Yet when we are one. I feel he makes me whole. His love pours into me and I am alive.

I pull him close to me, I never want his arms to let me go.

My heart feels as if it will burst, it is so full of love.  I cant get enough. I never want to let go.

He is the missing piece of my life.

I am lost in this love of a lifetime.


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