As We Become One

As we become one I feel  deep love.  A love that transcends time. I feel like I am loved and being taken care of.

I feel life filling every part of me. It is so much that I feel as if I may explode.

Happiness bursts forth.

And for once it is more than sex, it is making love.

When you tell me you love me I want to cry. It is all I ever dreamed of.

When we are one, I love to look into your eyes and see my life, your love. For the first time I have that feeling, when looking into someone’s eyes, of seeing into one another.

When you are above me, I feel so protected, and I only want you closer. That’s why I pull you in close and tight.

My body can’t help but tremble as it is filled with more love than I thought was possible.

And when your lips urgently meet mine, I am lost again in an amazing love. Lost in the time and place.

All I can see is me and you.

Your kiss takes me away. Your hands on my body feel right.

All I can think of is me and you together forever. For all time.

You are the love of my life.

I can’t believe you are mine.

When we are one Love is real and I can’t believe it is me and you together at last, becoming one.

Soul-mates….oh I think, as we make love,  I love this man so much.

My heart races, my soul pounds with all the amazing love that has been created and bound when we are one.




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