Why I Love Him so…. <3

Why I love him

*His heart

*his smile

*His life

*his words

*his accent

*his ability to be who he is

*his work ethic

*his love of being a father

*his amazing eyes

*his ability to make me smile when I am having the worst day

*his sense of humor

*his love of the simple life

*his manliness

*his ability to love

*his protectiveness

*his kindness

*his love for animals

*his ability to stay and stick things out

*his laugh

*his thoughts

*his love of family

*his “potty” mouth lol

*his scrunched up face he makes

*his weird hate of body hair lol

*how he wants to take care of me

*how he holds me

*his noises when we kiss

*how he cuddles with his pillow at night (hehe)

*his love of the outdoors

*his sexiness

*his cute booty (hehe)

*his love of talking

*how he likes to make and eat breakfast on the weekends

*how he is laid back-so needed for me

*how he wants to cook with me

*his love of walking

*his love of movies (even if I have to watch scary ones :/ lol)

*how what is important to me, is important to him also

*his love of comics and superheros

*he is just simply amazing šŸ™‚

I love him so much and I only hope it grows and grows even more.


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