Risk of Love

My heart pounds. Breath in and out. Lost in a love of a lifetime. Please tell me he is the one, my one, finally come. I’ve waited so long, made so many mistakes. I can’t risk another one. He is more to me already than anyone has ever been. My light in the darkness. A smile upon my face. I can envision the future I dream of with him. He is the one.

Yetfear plagues me. What if this is another game? Another wrong choice and turn? What if he goes back to her? What if he changes his mind? Can I bear that? Have I already given too much of my heart again? I’m supposed to guard it….t To a degree I still am. But he has the ability to shatter me in a way no other man has. I can’t believe how much I already love this man.

I feel he is worth the risk of heartache. I want to run some days. I want to say I can’t do this and lock my heart up. But I would rather risk it to love him. I must chance it and believe when he says he loves me. When he says I am his angel. I must believe him when he says he will never leave me.


7-16-12 written to Turning Page by Sleeping at Last


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