The Puzzle Pieces of lIfe

Words pour, splashing upon the page.

a piano plays.

life is lost in a moment of time.

A white dress, a field of daisys, a ring, an honest man,  and I do rings true.  In my dream world I envision the beauty of it all.

Life comes in pieces. It is a puzzle we must piece together. Sometimes we try to place a piece where it does not fit and pretend it in fact does. This only messes up the rest of the picture. It only destroys the corners of the piece. It changes the whole image.

God knows I have messed my edges up. Will they fit again? Can I make something work?

Is this different? or am I walking down the same old road of misjudgment and heartache? IC an not afford to travel that road again, I may not make it back this time.

Lost in a sea of wishes and wonderings.  to keep a float, to see the truth for what it is.

Is there really one perfect love for us besides out Lord? Or is it all crap? Can a love of a life be real for me? Someone who has messed up tremendously? Can I ever fully open my heart up again?

I am unsure to this one. I want to say yes but what if I can not?

Oh if we would be patient, looking for the perfect piece. If we would not jam the pieces in until e think they fit, only to rip it all apart again.

Yet we do and in turn lose our wholeness and completeness. We are changed and can be smoothed out, healed but not much more to do.

So I am unsure if that is a fitting piece now or not, all I can do is try to see if it fits. To see if the  whole picture can finally be complete with a lil wear and tear.


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