Start a revolution of love

So I recently had to do a little experiment for a Bible study. I had to ask people what was unique about me. I asked guys and girls and people I am close to, some I am not super close to. The answers I got floored me. It was so uplifting and helped me to see that people do see the real me and love me for me. I am unique me and it is okay and great and beautiful. Good made me like I am for a reason.  Below are the responses I received and I encourage everyone to not only ask this question to someone and be uplifted but to also randomly tell someone what is so special and unique about them. Let’s start a revolution of loving ourselves and others equally and beautifully. ❤ 🙂

What makes me unique?

1. Your ability to forgive. You can get upset/angry easily at times but you are quick to give grace and forgive. You are a strong person, you are up front and honest.

2. You’re always willing to help anybody and everybody.

3. You are out spoken, forward, laid back and shy all at the same time!

4. You’re a determined country girl, fierce but mellow, collected and proud, a natural momma bear.

5. you’re spunky and feisty, a kind hearted soul, very generous with a big heart.

6. you have a will to do for others. you will do for others before you do for yourself. selfish is one thing you are not.

7. Not afraid to speak your mind but at the same time you are easy going.


1:11 pm

written to my Adele soundtrack on Pandora.


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