Words flow from a heart that isn’t fully whole.

A heart that has been broken, torn and ripped to shreds.

A heart that has been pieced back together.

A heart that beats with a scar as a reminder.

A heart that is not at peace.

A heart that is seeking the next steps….something is missing.

Where do I turn?

Which path do I take?

Is my mangled, pieced back together heart making this more complicated than it really is?

What do I fear? What is real? What is the next step?

Please someone tell me!

Show me! I need to know!

I don’t want to waste my life.

I don’t want to get lost again.

I want to be free in Christ, who died for me.

I want to live for all that is a dream.

I want to reach the souls that yearn for love and companionship.

I want to bless others.

I want more than the American dream, lived selfishly.

I want peace, harmony, and truth busting forth from me, in love complete.

I want the privilege of living a life not defined by the world or the expectations I place on myself.

I want to burst forth in a poofy skirt, with words, and heart, and notes ringing true and clear.

I want a heart that beats full and strong and true and lives to pour love out onto others.

It is what I want to live for; like a great man I know of.

One who carried more than His share up a hill.

A man who kept going amidst the pain and heartache.

A man who knew His destiny and lived it well.

And as he reached that deepest pain, He looked around, and His heart still beat and bleed for those He loved.

He used one of His last breaths to ask for love upon those who had cut him to the core.

He loved in midst of the deepest of pain and I only hope to do the same.

We shall see as I turn the page……..

Written to Turning Page by Sleeping at Last

12:00 am 5-30-12


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