Strange Memories

It is crazy how in the last few hours this station on Pandora has been playing songs that remind me of my ex-husband. Some  songs he liked, some are our songs and it is very strange. It is so weird to have waited until marriage for someone, to have loved them enough to marry them and then had to move on because they were done and to now be in this place of having this head knowledge of the love and feelings but for it to be gone and healed from the heart. Things about him still break my heart, he still angers me at times but its a new place and way. I can’t fully describe it and it is almost as if I feel like I should love him still in my heart. My heart still aches from the pain of divorce but it is as healed as it can be at this point and I am free. I hate my marriage did not last or work out but ultimately I am better off and I am so grateful for the way God can and will work in our lives. Even though it was painful, God freed me of him and like I always say, “my biggest heartache turned out to be my biggest blessing.”

Amen, thank you God.


6 pm   5-24-12


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