Breathing In & Out a Vision of a Love

My heart beats and pounds for the newness of love. Not only the newness but of  a love that lasts a lifetime. A love that weathers the storms of life. A love that holds on in good and bad. A love that is two young hands placing a ring upon a finger, pledging love for eternity. A love rocking on the front porch, wrinkled hands entwined.

Am I hopeless romantic to believe in this love? Is it a possibility? Do I sit here and wait or do I get up and travel the world to find it?

Is it that one I let go or is it someone new I have never met?

Is there one soul out there who will love me for me, the beautiful mess that I am? Is there one who loves God with a passion and will wait till marriage? Is there one who can take care of me but a still let me be the strong girl that I am? Is there one who will listen to my poetry and grasp the meaning hidden inside? One who will work hard, grow a garden, hunt? One who will vote and want to change the world? One who will hike and be lazy on a Saturday? One who will love the small town life but want to travel the world? One that I can love for all that he is?

I guess all I can do is keep breathing day in and day out, staying strong in who I am. So much of me still needs to grow into the woman I am inside. Then just maybe then he will enter or re-enter my life.

So I sit at my desk and I breathe in and out, my heart beats and I see that one day my dream truly could be a possibility.

Written to my Twilight Pandora station, 5-11-12-  9:47 in the office of a tiny native town.


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