A Garden of Life

Life is more than just a mere dream.  Life is simply as it means, to live. Life is not sitting around and waiting; it is creating and designing and being. It’s like how this year I felt I needed to have a garden. I felt I needed to plant seeds and nurture them, watch them grow, give them life. I check on them daily. I make sure they have sun and are watered. I make sure not to over do the watering however, I give them just what they need. I prune any weeds or clip anything that can bring death to the plant.     I step back daily and let them grow and become all they are destined to be. And when the time is right I will separate them so they will have the room needed to grow.

It is no different with children.  If you have a child do the same; give them the Son. The Son who died for them. Give Him to them like Sunlight, not with fear. Then water them with encouragement, love, hugs, laughs. But don’t be overbearing giving too much when they don’t want it, shadowing them.  Prune what needs to be pruned, help them change bad habits, discipline them. But then let them grow into who they are meant to be, not who you want them to be. Finally, when the time is right,  pull yourself away so they have the full room needed to grow. Enjoy it as I enjoy watching my plants grow.

And for those of us who are adults, we can learn from this as well, for ourselves. I think I was meant to grow plants not just to learn how to feed myself or care for a garden but to grow my spirit, my character. I think I grew this garden so I could learn how to become me.

I hear God and I must laugh and say “You are so clever Dear Lord.”

You see we are no different. As someone of us have grown, we didn’t get all we needed at home and we have grown into a mess. For me, I was loved and hugged and encouraged to go to college but the Me that makes me Me was never celebrated. I wanted to go to school and major in voice and writing. But not one time did my mom ask to read anything I wrote. She knew I had a beautiful singing voice but she discouraged those dreams for something more practical. She encouraged me to be a teacher, as so many others did. I was great with children, still am but my heart wanted to write and sing. For me, I let those dreams go and went for the practical. Don’t get me wrong, beauty still came but a part of me was hidden away. The part of me that is alive in writing. The person I am when I write is different than the person the world sees.

So, I see growing these plants as a lesson in how to grow myself into who God desires me to be. Who He has created me to be. As I am now finally listening and learning that it is okay to be that version of me, so many trials and teachings are coming my way.

For one I am weeding out the thoughts that keep me from being myself. I am not allowing the doubts to overtake me.  I am wedding all that junk out.

Next I am transplanting those who I know love me to a spot they belong. I am not letting them push me down and tower over me. I am moving them back, to another spot, so I have room to grow.

It is amazing how this feels so hard, I don’t want to hurt anyone,  but by standing up and being me. By saying “I am no ones door mat anymore. Who cares if you call me a hypocrite or say I am this or that? I hear it no matter what I do and I don’t care anymore!” It is amazing that by being that way some of the people are admitting that they are jealous of me for no good reason. They are saying that all my intentions are good and I just love my family. They say they see  clearly now. Amazing. Thank you God.

Next I am watering myself with reading things I love. With writing. With reading others words on these amazing blogs. I am getting strength and refreshment from these things to be me.

And finally the first and foremost thing I need is the SON. Reading the Word, talking to Him daily. Seeking forgiveness when I mess up and then not wallowing in it. Feeling his warmth, love and listening to what He is teaching me.

Yes I am growing like a plant and taking all the steps needed. I never knew that growing a garden would teach me so much. I never knew it would help me grow into the beautiful person I am meant to be.


Written to my Twilight station on Pandora

5-11-12 10:30 am in a tiny lil town filled with beauty


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