So, tonight I need to vent, really vent. I am so tired of ungrateful people; the people that you do for and all they do is grip and find something to complain about and never even say thank you.  I try to not argue with people or lose my temper or run my mouth. I try to just ignore mean texts or words, pray for them and move on. But tonight was a breaking point for me.

I’ll lay out the whole story. I am an aunt of 6. I am single with no children.  I am 28 1/2 yrs old. And  number one I love children and can’t wait to be a mom and two love being a big aunt, just like I have loved being the oldest sister of nine.  because I love this role, I keep my nieces and nephews as much as possible. I have a really big Christmas party and buy them pjs and plan fun activities, last year I added a fall party, and this year I started a Valentines party. All 6 of them sleep over and we just have a blast. I also take them to the movies, to the park, etc as much as possible. I especially watch two of them a lot because they live closer and the late hours their parents work, means there is no childcare. It is these two whose parents never offer a dime when I watch them. They never send money for food or offer gas when I have to go out of my way to come get them. I have even taken off work to help them out when they are in a bind. I never say anything about it and just try to enjoy the time.

Well for Christmas I asked the parents if I could get the children season passes to a theme park about 1 hour away. My stipulations for getting this was that they would allow me to take them at least 3 times this year and for them to send $10.00 per child for food for the day. Each parent was excited about this and stated sending the $10 was no problem.  So this weekend I had 4 of the children. They slept over Friday evening and I  took them to a Junior Ranger day on Saturday, they all slept over again and then I took them to church and then the theme park today. Before I took them I stated I would need the $10 per child on Sunday for food. My sister replied back and stated that was no problem and asked if I needed more. I told her no because that was the deal when I got the passes. The other set of parents never replied. Neither parernt sent money for the children but my sister called and stated she would put it in my account on Monday. I reminded my Brother’s girlfriend and she stated my brother was supposed to leave it.

Now to get to what has made me so mad. I took all the children today. The park closed at 7pm and we waited in a line for the tram to our car that took 45 mins. We then stopped at McDonald’s, changed all the children’s clothes and ate inside. We loaded up and filled up the car with gas and I had to buy milk for my youngest niece who still uses a bottle. We then drove the hour home which took longer because is a mountain and was dark. We finally arrived back at about 10:30 pm. The children fell asleep in the car at 9:30 pm.

My brother’s girlfriend is then gripping because the kids are getting back late and haven’t had  a bath stating she will now have to get up extra early. She also told my Mom that since I wanted to take them that she shouldn’t have to give me any money for them. She said if she was asking me to keep them it would be different.

I just lost it finally and called and left her a hateful message, telling her I was sick and tired of her never being grateful, always complaining, and reminding her she agreed to sending the money back at Christmas. since she will never answer her phone.  A part of me feels guilty but I am so tired of doing so much for her, like leaving work to take care of my niece when she has something like jury duty and doesn’t make arrangements ahead of time, or picking her son up from school, or babysit both kids every other weekend and never ask for  a penny. I go out of my way and it gets so old. I love those kids and I love to do for them and never ask for compensation except for money for their food.  Oh and did I mention not one time I never got a thank you from her for this weekend, not even when I had to drive out of my ay to pick up her son at her work because she didn’t make plans for him after school. And I constantly get texts from her like the one I got tonight. It’s like if she isn’t fighting with my brother then she wants to fight with me or my mom. Like, I said I usually ignore her texts and tell her to call me if she has an issue she wants to discuss but I just broke tonight. For her to complain about getting up early to bathe her child after I went to bed about midnight every night, got up by 7:30, fed 4 kids (ages 6,5, 3, &2), got the dressed, straightened the house, and took care of them all day for the weekend, it just ticked me off. on top of doing this, I also have Chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia and do not hardly sleep at all and I never complained. I enjoyed every minute of it and I would love this to be my life. So what if I have to get up earlier one day when my child had a fun day? People just don’t realize the blessings they have. I would love to have children and spend my life giving them joyful experiences. Even with my condition, I would hope I wouldn’t see it all as a burden. I also think I would be like my sister who always offers money when I keep them and never complains if I ask for money for the kids.

Sorry I have rambled on but I needed to write this down and get it off my chest.  I Am not sure if leaving that message was right or not but I am tired of getting spoken to like a dog and being walked all over.

4-30-12 11:50 pm


2 thoughts on “Venting

  1. uponmyheart says:

    Thank you. I did and I met with a friend of mine and it was confirmation to me, I have to stop letting people walk all over me and use me. It is so hard for me b/c i am such a giver and I just love people. But I have to learn to take up for myself and not allow people to treat me like that. I have been given that message before from God and it is time I follow it. I can be His servant and still take up for myself
    when I am treated badly.

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