Happiness of the Twirl

Images blur in a twirl of my life.

As I spin I see it all in a blur of color and distorted images.

Laughter bursts forth from my lips.

I am a child at heart again. Enjoying life as it comes.

Taking the blur, the mess ,and finding joy in it all.

Smiling in the dark. Knowing I am safe in the arms of Him who died for all.

Living out the life in the heart of a child.

The words in the Book of Life state we can only enter if we have a heart like a child.

Such truth in the love and they believe and smile through all the bad, the confusion, the mess and blur.

They begin to laugh and let go of the mess and fall down, knowing safely they will land.

Such a freedom, such trust, such love.

I spin and spin and spin in this mess, feeling more alive with each step, with each twirl that sends me further on and when the time comes I will let go laughing and landing safely in strong hands.

I smile as the blur of pink spins around me.

The blur of a love freely given and never un-found.

In time I will let go and land……

but for now I spin on with a smile and life growing inside a once broken life.

4-22-12 1:48 am

Written to Happiness by The Fray.


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