Words burn, the night turns, the music plays on guiding my life with the music and words….. A story in each one, a memory contained.

I see and feel and dream.

My mind explodes with a million words at once and I have no way to contain them all.

The burst forth, creating life.

I look up and around and realize I am still sitting here in the same coffee shop. I felt as if I had traveled a life time.

The words carry life and love and joy and happiness.

They are an existence, a being in me.

Traveling forth, onto a page to become what they need to be for each soul touched.

Beauty, grace, love, truth, darkness and  life all contained on a page….. in a word.


2 thoughts on “Words

    • uponmyheart says:

      Thank you. It is nice to meet others who feel that way as well. It is such a beautiful feeling, a beautiful gift. 🙂

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