CHRISTmas time

I love Christmas time. I love the lights, the decorations, my tree. I love to get gifts for others. I love to bake and eat (lol). I love the feeling of it. Christmas time is my favorite and I love what it means, Jesus’s birth. It is beautiful. As Christmas is just a few days away, I just feel I need to write about my gratefulness. I have such gratefulness to God for all I have been given, been blessed with. Amazing friends, a 2 jobs, a wonderful little home, soon to be building a new home, a wonderful church, my great big family. I have so much. So much and it is easy to overlook it and forget all that you have but I don’t want to. I am trying to constantly tell God how grateful I am. And boy does it change your heart. It makes my heart lift. It makes me feel so joyful! It is absolutely amazing! I am blessed, so blessed and I think God for it all!!!

Merry CHRISTmas all!!!

Much love.


8:12 am

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