All we need is light and love

I have these big and amazing dreams and its not the first time I have felt excited about them but the first time I have felt like they are an actual possibility.  I wanna reach out to my community and love them where they are. I want to do more than tell them what to do…I want to empower them through themselves to become all that they can be. That is how Christ rolls out of us and into others. He asked questions, He had them reflect on themselves. He gave them love and light and empowerment to be changed and made whole.  It’s not what I do, its the love and light of Christ that I allow to roll through me. It is me getting out of the way.

there is so much more I could say, so much more I wanna say, but I have work to get to, My day job plus planning for this dream. Before I go I will say, it is no coincidence I am at the conference I am in St. Louis. No coincidence that when God is working deep in my heart that everything has just came into view. All these mixed dreams I have had i can see fitting together like a puzzle. And to top it all off, I heard an amazing speaker, Bill Strickland. WOW. He completed this blurry vision but also showed me it can be done, if I am willing. God only takes as far as we are willing to work. I am willing to work and I suggest anyone reading this, check out his website and book, I will soon be getting his book!

“All people need is light,” and I say love. (Bill strickland and me)

9:04 pm in St. Louis



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