Be ALIVE to Your Life!

I came home to write about the fireflies I saw tonight and probably still will; But as I sat down to my computer and the amazing music started I had tears of joy in my eyes and was excited to be writing (as it is such a deep passion in my life) and then I heard that still small voice of God say, “Be ALIVE to your life.” I knew I needed to write something else. I knew I needed to write what He was speaking at that moment. I am so glad I did. Below is a beautiful piece from my good Lord above and I am even more reassured in all He has for me and all I want to do is live for Him! My God is sooooo good!! 🙂 Peace and love all.

There is so much you can do. So much you should do. You have to make yourself alive to do it. When you feel sad, when you feel alone, when you hate the thought of coming home to an empty house so you busy yourself till late at night(then all you do is come home, feed the dogs and collapse in the bed and then don’t sleep thinking if all you need to do at the house); Be alive to it all. Be alive to your life. There was a time when you came home to be alone too much,  a time when you were gone too much (a time, such as now) , and a time when you had it balanced just right. Be alive. I know you want that house close to your mom. I know you want to be married to him. I know you want to be a mother. And it will all come in time, I promise. It will all be here one day soon. Trust in me. But until then….be alive to your life. Be alive. Look at each day, as I told you tonight, look at it as a new day…a new beginning.

10:50 pm 5-30-11

Written to All This Time by One Republic



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