Audacious Faith!

God has been speaking so much to me lately and I think it is because I am finally listening and wanting His way more than my own. He has specifically told me things about my coming future. It is easy to feel like I am crazy and I am making this stuff up. I have prayed to God asking if it is His will because I don’t want to be trying to create what I want. He keeps reinforcing to me that it is Him. Just last night for example I was talking to a friend and He spoke to me and said, before I was not putting Him first and that now I was so I could hear Him. He has also reminded me of how he told Sarah she would have a child. He gives us the future sometimes for a reason but doesn’t give us every little detail, so we will keep seeking Him and trusting Him. He has lead me to read Joshua and it is such an amazing book about listening to Him, trusting Him and following Him no matter what. It is about knowing He loves us and we need to have that crazy audacious faith to fully follow Him. I want that. I want to live that and be bold for Him. God also spoke to me last night and told me that it is hard to believe I am hearing Him because it is not how the world lives and operates. I had to just praise Him when he told me that! How true it is. People look at you like you are crazy when you say “God told me.” Or make a strong move in faith because it is sadly not how the world works. But I don’t want to miss out anymore on all God has for me! I want to live that audacious faith and bless my God. He has a plan and it is “for a hope and a future.” I am tired of doing it my way and ending up confused, broken, and missing out on so much. I am ready to live for Christ!

In reading Chapter 3 of Joshua today, I was excited to be reading the truths God is teaching me right now. It was reinforcement once again that I am on the right path and I need to pray about everything.

Joshua 3: 9 says: “So Joshua told the Israelites, Come and listen to what the Lord God says.”                          The Commentary in my Bible states: “Just before crossing over into the promised land, Joshua gathered the people to hear the words of the Lord. Their excitement was high. No doubt they wanted to rush on, but Joshua made them stop and listen. We live in a fast paced age where everyone rushes to just to keep up. It is easy to get caught up in our tasks, becoming too busy for what God says is most important—listening to His words. Before making your schedule, take time to focus on what God wants from all your activities. Knowing what God has said before you rush into your schedule can help you avoid foolish mistakes.”

I LOVE this! How true it is and it is what I know I need to be doing. I am struggling with making sure I go to bed and getting up in the am. I know I need to. It also just taught me to not just pray for people in the am but to ask God what He has for me that day; to ask that I get prepared and then to read His word and listen. I want so badly to start doing this daily. I also know God has shown me before bed that I am to seek forgiveness, cry out to him and listen again. He will lovingly forgive me and teach me. I know this is when I will one day be praying with my husband, before bed.  

Joshua 3:13-14 says: “The priests will carry the Ark of the Lord, the Lord of all the earth.  As soon as their feet touch the water, the flow of the water will be cut off upstream, and the river will stand up like a wall. So the people left their camp to cross the Jordan, and the priests who were carrying the Ark of the Lord went ahead of them.”                                                                                                                                              The commentary states: “God gave them specific instructions: In order to cross, the priests had to step into the water.  What if these priests had been afraid to take that first step? Often God provides no solution to our problems until we trust Him and move ahead with what we know we should do. What are the rivers or obstacles, in your life? In obedience to God, take that first step.”

This just reinforces to me that I am doing the right thing. God has given me a part of His truth but I have to trust and take the first steps and He will provide the next step or what I need. I am again listing for myself what he is telling me and knowing it is His truth.

  1. You will be married in a year and He has told me who I will marry.
  2. You will adopt a baby girl….coming this year, name her Makendree Marie.
  3. You will have twin boys, your sister will carry them, name one Brian Henry.
  4. You do not need to carry a baby in your womb.
  5. Build the yellow house above your Mom. You will have a place to live by the end of the summer. don’t worry about not having a home. I will guide and lead and provide but you have to stay in prayer.
  6.  Start a daycare something to help is coming in the fall. I will show you who to hire. You already know a couple of people. Build it small, not too big. Trust in me. Ask your Granny to rent the land. It will be a Christian daycare centered around me. You know the vision, keep seeking me and listening.
  7. You will be a high school English teacher after your boys start school and will still own the daycare.
  8. Guide your family…I gave you visions for them for a reason.
  9. You are the peace maker of your family.

I feel like this is so much in the next few months but I am trusting!!! I am seeking!!! He has a plan and I will follow Him!

I started a book by Steven Furtick, Sun Stand Still, and it is awesome! It goes with all of this and gain is just reinforcing all God has for me! I know God is telling me to read a chapter a day in it and I will! Amen! Thank you Lord!


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