Questions Upon the Road I Travel

Questions Upon the Road I Travel……

Why is it that some people rise above the life the grew up in and become something great?

How is it that they pull themselves from the influences of poverty, drugs, abuse, domestic violence, and neglect and venture into the world to change it?

Why do some brought up with great parents, or one good parent, chose to use drugs, to neglect themselves and their children, to live in poverty and nastiness?

How is it that they go from having a loving parent who provides for them, reads to them and loves them in a clean home, to living in nastiness, not giving to their child as they were given to?

How is it that some suffer abuse and have horrible things happen to them to forgive and move on and others can not?

How do some come from kind places to turn and be a “monster” to other souls?

These are questions I ask as I have been a daycare worker, social worker and now a parent educator.

Yet I also have to ask, how is it that we turn the other way when we see people hurting, people in need, children being neglected and abused?

How is it that we choose to pretend not to see the poverty, hurt and pain?

How is it that we never report a child who is being abused and neglected and then blame the system?

How is it that some claim to help but come in with a big head and judgments?

How is it also though, that we love them, help them and guide them,  and they choose to continue in the horrible way of life?

How? Why? These are questions I will forever ask.

Yet, I will continue to love people with a full and open heart. I will continue to be hard on them in love to help them see they are loved and capable of rising above. I will continue to share my story with them so they know I am not perfect or pretending to be. So they will see I have been in the lowest of lows. I have been hurt and broken abut I rose above time and time again. Maybe I won’t see the change but I know I will be planting or watering seeds down this path God has given me to travel in life.


3-22-11  8:00 pm



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