The Right Thing is Hard

I’ve learned that doing the right thing is never easy. It’s never this simple choice to make. It is hard. Your flesh wants something else. The world tells you, you should do something else. And it is hard. It is hard to deny yourself pleasure, it is hard to have to have heart ache, to do the right thing. It’s not easy. But if you look, the best things in life are not easy. Having a relationship/marriage, it is work and is not all rosie. Being a parent, it is not easy. The things in life that are worth anything are not easy. They take work and may be painful but in the end they are the reason we live and breathe. I think the hard choices and right choices make life worth living.

When presented with this myself just last night…I choose what was right over what my flesh wanted at the moment. It was hard, so very hard but it was worth it….so worth it. I do not regret the decision. Luckily my outcome was a good but had it not been, I would still be ok. Because I choose right even though it meant denying me pleasure. Even though it meant I may lose something special to me….

In the end I have only gained….by doing the hard thing…the right thing.



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