Based on truth not a lie of the heart

I’ve been reading back and it blows my mind how quickly I fell for someone I didn’t even know a few months ago. How I thought I was in love in like a week. I left the feelings overpower and It was about fake emotion and not truth….funny how I always did that but I learned from this one…I ended it and I moved on knowing I would do it differently next time and I am actually….yes I have met someone and it’s been so different.  First of all he pursued me. Second of all, he actually took me on a date and when we go out now, he still buys my dinner. He opens doors for me. He is a gentleman. And no where in any of this have I been like, oh I am in love, this is it, he is my soul mate. Our relationship has been based on our friendship and the genuine time we spend together. Now we are at a place of needing some conversation, because we are learning each other, getting more comfortable with each other. This feels real and based on something substantial instead of emotion and lies. I know him and am still learning him and am with him b/c of the person he is. I smile because even if this doesn’t work out….I won’t look back and say gosh I was a fool. I didn’t really care about him. No matter if we make it or not, I will be able to say…I cared about him truly. What we had was real. I hope it works out as a forever but I am not going to force that or try to make it happen. I am taking it one day at a time and we shall see……

December 30, 2010

10:25 am


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